Founded in 2003, Smart Res SpA  holds today significant importance in the  RFID world.

From the beginning a lot of energy were concentrated in Research and Development. From the beginning a lot of energy were concentrated in Research and Development. This led, in 2005 to develop and patent its own technology of manufacture of RFID tags, called “Inlay-Less”, based on the use of wired copper for the realization of the antennas.

The copper wired technology   allows to overcome all the typical limits of RFID tags made with traditional technologies, in terms of size, shape, support material, the possibility of encapsulation and customization. Currently Smart Res owns numerous international patents linked to the current and innovative technology development, implementation and use of RFID tags in copper wire.

Smart Res is on two sites. In Spilamberto (MO) are situated  the Management offices, the New Products Devolopment Division,  the Demo Center and a Production Division for small orders and finishing custom products;  in San Marco Argentano (CS), is situated  the High Volumes Production Division.



The Mission

Smart Res SpA manufactures both standard and custom RFID tags in order to provide system integrators and end users of the technology of the future in order to cross sectors and applications, enabling market participants to seize the opportunity to increase profitability of their businesses through the adoption of smart and innovative RFID technology.

Through its technology Smart Res able to undo many of the limitations associated with the production with traditional technologies, in terms of size, shape and substrate and to ensure a product with low environmental impact.

The use of  copper wire for the realization of the antenna on the tag, and the possibility of applying it directly on the final substrate, in fact, beyond the use of chemical reagents and / or polluting materials and of  the traditional PET substrate for the realization inlay.