Rfid engineering for your ideas

Rfid engineering for your ideas

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Our products

SmartRes has been offering RFID solutions and products for a vast variety of customers for almost 20 years.
We produce RFID tags in Italy and provide complete hardware and software solutions also using third-party products.

Passive standard RFID products

Passive standard RFID products

Production of inlays (wet or dry), labels and RFID tags (standard, customized, hard tags) with also the availability of variable data encoding and printing services.
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Systems and software

Systems and software

Supply of complete RFID systems, composed as follows: RFID labels or tags, SmartRes proprietary software, commercial hardware (antennas, readers, fixed and mobile stations), structures such as RFID gates, RFID shelves, etc.
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Resale, installation, configuration, and maintenance of hardware devices carefully selected among the best vendors on the market, and supply of automated reading RFID structures custom-designed by SmartRes.
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Our services

SmartRes has a high level of technical and hands on experience in a large variety of RFID applications, and through its team of engineers is able to provide multiple services.

After-Sales assistance

  • Remote, automatic and proactive monitoring of the proper functioning of the gates, hardware and SmartRes software
  • Automatic updates of software, configurations and licenses without the customer ever having to intervene.
  • On-call service available

Project roll out

Whether it is a simple label or a complex software/hardware installation, SmartRes supports the customer in the implementation and installation of a functioning RFID system, overcoming any difficulties on the field.

Design and Implementation of P.O.C.

If the system is feasible, we move on to a POC (proof of concept), which serves as verification and testing of the system before mass-scale rollout.

Whether it is a recurring product or a special product, the most important parameter for Smart Res is the quality of the proposed solution.

Specialized engineering consultancy

SmartRes provides specialist consultancy for the implementation of RFID projects.

We start from an analysis of the customer’s needs and the potential benefits and cost savings of introducing an RFID solution or other technologies.

Case history

SmartRes, during its twenty years of activity on the RFID market, has created several complete applications in numerous sectors. Some examples:

soluzioni RFID retail per automatizzare i servizi


An RFID tag on each item allows the customer to quickly and automatically manage (via automatic reading gates): goods entry, goods exit, cash receipt, inventory, smart fitting rooms, smart shelves, geomarketing information, etc.

Tag RFID Rifiuti

Waste management

Garbage collection trucks equippd with RFID readers. Mobile RFID readers for operators. RFID labels on waste collection bags. RFID tags on garbage bins. GPS on garbage collection trucks for tracking the location of garbage pick up

Passaporto Digitale per rendere ogni oggetto unico e tracciato nell'intero ciclo di vita

Digital passport

Making a bicycle a unique, original, and traceable object throughout its life cycle (also thanks to blockchain technology), giving the customer the possibility of verifying the supply chain, and belonging to a “community” via an app that reads the NFC tag.

Implementiamo soluzioni RFID logistica per tracciabilità e inventario

Supply Chain/Inventory Traceability

RFID tags in plastic containers, “smart shelf” antennas to selectively read items, RFID gates or tunnels along roller conveyors and conveyor belts. RFID gates at the loading docks.

Implementiamo soluzioni RFID Moda

Fast fashion

Each item of clothing comes with a UHF RFID tag. Passing through an RFID gate with the goods, the system reads the tags, creates the delivery note and the ERP system generates the invoice.ù

Etichette Anticontraffazione

Trademark protection and anti-counterfeiting

Customized HF tag to be embedded inside the object to protect the brand. Specially designed soft fabric RFID tag (patented by SmartRes). Dedicated customization service.