SmartRes offers systems and software developed internally for every need but also readers, antennas, printers and RFID structures such as RFID gates, RFID tunnels, RFID tables and RFID shelves.

Passive standard RFID products

A wide range of inlays (wet or dry), simple or structured paper or plastic labels. Label printing and coding service. SmartRes also offers standard tags (already designed and created for existing customer applications), customized tags and hard tags.
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Copper wire tags

SmartRes also produces tags using a copper microwire plotted in such a way as to obtain an antenna with the required performance.
SmartRes is able to place this antenna directly on thin paper (or other materials) without using the PET layer. This results in highly sustainable RFID tags.
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Systems and software

The proprietary software developed by SmartRes allows you to manage RFID gates (pedestrian, light, heavy, fashion), RFID tunnels, RFID tables, RFID printers.
The software integrates the RFID infrastructure with the customer's ERPs via specific data exchange interfaces and connectors.
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