Smart Res produces passive RFID tags, both with technology HF / NFC and UHF bands, using a patented technology of its own invention and development, based on the antenna in wired copper.

The technology can be articulated into 4 main types of products:

  • Standard: Adhesive labels (traditional or customized) or inlay, products suitable for the world of fashion, the logisticians and for all applications that require labeling.
  • Standard Special: Products developed by our R&D team for special applications and specific needs in terms of shape, size, substrate, environment. Peculiar products ┬áin which the RFID tag has been encapsulated in special materials such as tires, supports for industrial laundries, markers for farm animals, bracelets electronic tag for jewelry or perfume.
  • Cards: Cards in paper, laminated paper or PET for transport, access control, and any need for traceability. Look at the ticket RFID more biodegradable in the world!
  • Custom: Design & Prototyping in laboratory Tags customized for specific applications and needs.