Target customers

Whether you are a fashion company or a software house in this industry, a small craftsman with a great idea, or an industrial group looking for efficiency, in SmartRes you can find a competent team capable of turning your ideas into reality.

System integrators

For system integrators in the Auto-ID sector, we are able to provide standard and/or customized RFID tags based on the application and needs of the RFID system (hardware and software) they are proposing to their own customers.

Label factories

For label factories we can supply the inlay (antenna + chip) produced in Italy with the highest quality and state-of-the-art technology. In addition to offering inlays, SmartRes provides consulting and support to label converters to achieve an optimized final label.

Final costumers

For final customers, such as fashion, luxury, logistics companies, and other sectors, or for small companies or startups with great ideas or industrial groups looking for efficiency, at SmartRes you will find a competent team able to provide complete RFID systems (tag + hardware + software) to optimize your authentication, production, logistics or distribution processes.