Smart Res has gained a high level of expertise in different areas related to the implementation of RFID technology acquired in almost fourteen years in the Italian and European RFID market. Smart Res makes available its experience and knowledge in the form of services to partners / customers:

RFID Development

Based on the requirements for using the RFID tag defined together with the customer assess which is the most suitable product. The choice may fall on one or more products of the wide range of standard products in the catalog or give rise to the need to develop a tag “ad hoc”, customized according to the needs of the customer. The process of defining a custom tag may result in different levels of evaluation: size and shape, distance reading, analysis and optimization of performance, de-tuning, choice of support material, packaging of the tag. Thanks to a well-established methodology and tools for design and analysis, which is fitted to our New Products Team, the engineers at Smart Res drive the partner / client throughout the process, from prototyping to test and tag optimization, from preliminary tests in your environment to the final implementation. The patented technology of Smart Res is particularly suitable for the production of prototypes in a very short time and in very small amounts, of the order of a few tens of units.

Technical Support

The migration of a RFID infrastructure must take into account some aspects connected together that contribute to the satisfaction of the expectations of the partner / client. The skills of technical staff to support the Smart Res partner / client in choosing the most appropriate solution:

  • chip to be put on board the tag according to the necessity of storing data and functionality required mode (read / write, password management, durability, etc.)
  • reading devices, chosen from the standard ones available on the market for the various hardware manufacturers or between those offered by Smart Res custom and customizable
  • antennas to be connected to the readers, chosen among those available on the market standard of the various hardware manufacturers or among those offered by Smart Res personalized and customizable
  • design and implementation of RFID gates, RFID portals, screening equipment for the transit areas, rollers, etc..
  • installation and commissioning of readers, antennas, access points, shields, etc..
  • environmental analysis at the point of use of tags to check presence of unwanted radio frequencies.

Software Support

The integration of RFID technology with the application in use by the user, if not already prepared, involves the installation of “connectors” to enable communication with the RFID readers and the acquisition of the data collected from the device. The skills of technical staff to support the Smart Res partner / client in order to make available to the point of use:

  • connectors (also called middleware) Windows, Linux, Android, for interfacing management applications on the Intel platform and AS/400 devices with RFID read / write, fixed and mobile RFID printers.
  • applications for the management of the internal processing such as automatic setting of parameters, administration of the final test
  • tag encoding
  • variable data printing
  • creation of database to be made available to the end user with encrypted data and / or printed

Process Analysis

Analysis of the end user processes for an adequate preparation of the same in order to obtain a correct and efficient implementation of RFID.