Design & Prototyping in laboratory Tags customized for specific applications and needs.

Based on the requirements for using the RFID tag defined together with the customer assess which is the most suitable product. Where the choice can not impinge on one or more products of the wide range of standard products in the catalog is necessary the development of tag “ad hoc”, customized to the needs of the customer. The process of defining a custom tag may result in different levels of evaluation: size and shape, distance reading, analysis and optimization of performance, de-tuning, choice of support material, packaging of the tag. Thanks to a well-established methodology and tools for design and analysis, which is fitted to our New Products Team, the engineers at Smart Res drive the partner / client throughout the process, from prototyping to test and tag optimization, from preliminary tests in your environment to the final implementation. The patented technology of Smart Res is particularly suitable for the production of prototypes in a very short time and in very small amounts, of the order of a few tens of units.