Ferm RFID solution for the tire industry using Smart Res Vulcan Tags

For long time the world of tires discussed about RFID traceability so that the needs of the industry and the benefits that would result from the adoption of an efficient traceability system – in terms of RFID logistics management of production, monitoring and management warehouse – are now pretty clear.

Many pilot projects have been started, only few have assured efficiency to allow the transition from testing phase to the industrial one. The constant stress which the tags are subjected once installed on the tire, in fact, strongly influence their performance and endurance.

To the solution of this problem has been addressed a collaboration between Ferm and Smart Res who have managed to develop an efficient and sustainable system that is successfully used in various applications in the tire industry. Smart Res Labs researchers were able, in fact, to develop a tag on a rubber substrate in which, through the process of vulcanization, becomes an integral part of the tire itself.

The Ferm solution with Smart Res Vulcan Tags is currently being used successfully for three different applications.

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Smart Res Laboratories Introduces RFID Iron-on Tag Transfers

Through Smart Res production technology, our researchers have succeeded in incorporatingto incorporate the characteristic tag microfilo copper directly into a layer-based glue (hot melt). The result obtained is a tag through which a heat source may be directly transferred onto a large variety of materials (in particular, of those used by the textile industry). The tag, impalpable, thus becomes an integral part of the product. The “discretion” of the tag, together with the inability to remove it without destroying it makes this technology the optimal solution to meet the needs of traceability and brand protection of assets, particularly in the field of fashion.

So far, running RFID technology with the aim of protecting the brand has been a strong technical limitation in the way that RFID tags are applied to cards. This implies that, once the item is sold, you lose any possibility of identification of the product.

The iron-on tag transfers of Smart Res, on the contrary, make it impossible to remove the tag without it being destroyed and allow you to identify the article along its entire life cycle thereby meeting the requirements of brand protection.

The protection the brand, the source of economic activity of a company and its competitive advantage is the prime target for the Marketing Manager. In this sense, technology transfer film of Smart Res allows you to protect the value of the brand, operating in the fight against counterfeiting through a system of effective identification while at the same time not “pushing it on” the end customer.


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The NFC Smart Res Tag for Project “Albo” and the Protection of the “Made in Italy” Brand

All over the world, the “Made in Italy” brand is synonymous with high quality, unique style and traditional craftsmanship. Over time, this excellence has assumed the identity of a real Brand- third in the world after Coca-Cola and Visa- for notoriety.

The brand equity that “Made in Italy” brings with it, enriches the economy of our country, but at the same time poses a threat in terms of reputation, due to the effects that the system has on the production of counterfeit Italian goods.

In order to protect our “Made in Italy” we have integrated project Albo, started in Vietnam – the idea of two young Italian engineers – and featured it in our NFC Smart Res tags.

Through the smart tagging, you will create a certification system recognized worldwide, able to provide real-time information on a brand, product or store. Even the final consumer is part of the system, giveaway will have access to information that ensure the item you are purchasing.

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Smart Res Wire Technology Meets the World of Fashion: the Maliparmi Case

RFID technology is becoming more widespread in the world of fashion, investing in technological innovations with objectives from efficiency gains in the warehouse to following the latest requirements of Brand Protection in the fight against counterfeiting.

The difficulties, however, the fashion world manifests in adopting this technology are complex because they meet criteria that often go beyond purely “technical” support, but rather into the logic of aesthetic and brand.

Smart Res Technology, based on microfilo copper (Inlay Less), was patented to meet the needs of this market thanks to the adaptability of RFID tags to different media (paper, textiles, etc.) and regardless of size or forms, has managed not to interfere with the graphic design or style of the product.

An example of how great the adaptability of Smart Res technology expresses itself can be seen in its interesting collaboration with Malìparmi, the Italian fashion company, which, thanks to Smart Res and project partners BTG Technologies, has managed to integrate an RFID tag with massive performance in their badges without changing minimante support and becoming “smart” have led to a more effective management of inventory and orders.

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Smart Res Technology arrives in Holland and gets “green”


The world of the historical museums and in general of art, it appears, at first glance, far from modern technologies, this “injury” is supported by a conservative sort of tension that protects from progress – that transforms everything – the historical sights.

The project that Smart Res created in collaboration with the Dutch Ferm RFID Solution, for the Drents Museum in Assen (Netherlands), it’s the proof that not only “ancient” and “modernity” can converse in a project that can enhance and amplify the value of art and technology, but this project can also be done in a “green” way.

The “Inlay less” technology of Smart Res, has allowed the creation of a “green ticket” with an RFID system that consists of card with passive UHF tags, used as entrance fee, fixed readers installed at the entrances and exits and distributed throughout the structure, significantly improving the visitor experience and analyze the success of the exhibitions.

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Smart Res will be in Orlando for the RFID Journal Live 2013!

From the 30th of April to the 2nd of May, Smart Res will showcase its products: HF and UHF RFID for a range of industrial applications in the fields of fashion management, ticketing, logistics and retail.

RFID Journal Live! is the world’s largest RFID conference, the place where end users, technologists, installers and distributors come together to make the RFID system functional.

This year’s event will host more than 150 big-name speakers, 200 leading vendors in the field of technology and its eight industries.

Smart Res awaits you at Booth 834.


Smart Res will participate in Trace ID

On March 13th, 2013 Smart Res will participate in Trace ID Fashion, one of the biggest events in the world of logistics and traceability in the fashion industry.

In its third year, the event confirms the attendance of more than two hundred companies of “Made in Italy”, in an exchange of projects and case studies on the applications of new business models and new outlets of integrated RFID technology in logistics and supply chain management .

During the event, Smart Res will present, along with BTG Tecnologie, a project partner, the Malìparmi case, an impressive brand of “Made in Italy” fashion that has adopted RFID technology in order to speed up delivery times in multiple sales channels, including brand stores and multi-channel distribution networks and to reduce the cost of inventory management.

Henry Vittadello, Malìparmi CEO, summarizes the benefits arising from the use of RFID in the article published on Data Collection in May 2012.

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Smart Res tags in the RFID system of Imperial

Through the introduction of RFID Smart Res technology, Imperial, a Bologna-based company of fast fashion, with 5 stores and 80 brand stores BtB, was able to reduce both the time of sale in the showroom and margins of error in the counting phase.

Scanning barcodes for order processing greatly lengthened the phase of supply from the shopkeepers. The introduction of RFID Smart Res with automatic reading systems (via gateways and mobile terminals to read the tag) has greatly sped up the time of supply and increased customer satisfaction.

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Smart Res earns the prestigious certification for the Fashion of RFID-Lab of the University of Parma

Smart Res is pleased to announce that as a result of the efforts made to countinually offer both support to its customers and innovative, relaible products, it has obtained the Quality Certification for its own RFID tag by the RFID-Lab of The University of Parma.

In particular, the certificate tag has been secured for some features that make it solid and reliable for applications in the world of Fashion.

Smart Res has for some time been working in the fashion industry for both premium brands, and for producers ‘fast fashion’. In these situations and in recent years more and more operators are taking advantage of the benefits of consepevolezza RFID technologies.