One of the success factors for companies operating in the clothing market is the ability to offer its customers the right product at the right time.
The inspection of the goods along the distrubution chain – from receipt of goods to the visibility of the warehouse and  the replenishment – becomes an indispensable condition to ensure the efficient management of articles, with content and functional efforts.
Smart Res RFID technology provides to the dealer a competitive advantage throughout the supply chain because it increases the efficiency in the management of orders, improves control of goods in the distribution chain, making it more accurate and timely receipt, control and dispatch the goods, and maximizes the variety of exhibits reducing “lost sales” thanks to a timely control of the garments available and identifiable through the Smart tag Res.


The RFID technology is an efficacies  control and prevention  tool for the typical luxury market problems, from counterfeiting to theft, to the traceability of the product.
Smart Res tag, thanks to the special patented technology, can meet various monitoring requirements through a functional customization to product size: from a small jewel, to a large size accessory. The imperative of the industry is able to maintain the intrinsic value of the brand and its reputation intact in the eyes of the customer. It’s  therefore essential that the product purchased always guarantees its origin and its quality. The use of RFID tags allows you to draw the Smart Res single item throughout the supply chain: from production, to the point of sale and possibly also in the post sales service. Some Smart Res integrated solutions, allow to control the authenticity of a product throughout its life. In particular, in the world of fashion and high-end leather goods, Smart Res patented a heat transfer technique (Thermal Transfer) of the RFID tags on fabric or other support, which allows you to insert the tag in a label integrated and concealed all ‘interior of the finished product. Article tagged can be controlled by means of querying data in the tag, using simple or specific reading devices enabled smartphones. This technology represents a true revolution in the prevention of fraud and counterfeiting and our “Made in Italy”.


In the food chain, the presence of severe regulatory constraints and the need to protect the health of citizens make the use of RFID technologies very attractive.  Unlike established technologies, such as the barcode, RFID offers many additional benefits, such as the greatest number of storable information on the label, the presence of unique identifiers, irreproducibility and greater reliability of the reading.  RFID technology can uniquely identify products and reconstruct the “story” along the supply chain, resulting in real-time any necessary information on the goods at every stage of crossing the supply chain, revealing  suffered damage or tampering, accessing not only information relating to the carton or the lottery, but even those of the individual units contained in the package, without a need to open it.  Furthermore, these benefits can easily be extended to upstream and downstream processes.  For traceability processes are often accompanied by those of traceability and the RFID system becomes a powerful tool for communication and marketing. Through a web-based approach, data can also be made available outside in a controlled and certified form. Communication transparency and offering guarantees on the quality of the product is a real strategic investment, able to deliver significant benefits to brand positioning and the perception that consumers have it. The full visibility of all steps in the chain as well as taking on an assumption of responsibility by companies, ensures consumer confidence, increases their propensity to buy and, therefore, is a formidable competitive advantage.


RFID technology is spreading widely in the automotive world. Radio frequencies are exploited starting with the production process of the car, especially in machines that test cars, where, through RFID, the identification of the various components is found. Even in post-production the areas of application are numerous: from the automatic closure systems for hire. In the latter, thanks to RFID, with a single chip containing receiving devices, a central system can be automated, and all check-in and check-out vehicles, recording entry and exit, and knowing the precise location in every moment the positioning of the individual vehicle within the parking lot, that of its maintenance operations, and following the vehicle in its movement between workshops.


Human Services

RFID Smart Res realized, both in HF technology for proximity reading and UHF technology for remote reading, can respond to multiple needs of mobility: from local public transport to private events and conferences to access to a museum with the ability to track the movement of its visitors in various exhibition areas to the more traditional ski pass. The Res Smart card RFID UHF enables the implementation of other functions, different and / or complementary to access control, which go in the direction of increasingly understanding the customer’s requests and to offer a service with higher-than-ever quality standards. The interaction of a card or ticket with an RFID special reader can generate many different types of actions such as the start of video and / or audio to the passage of the customer, the generation of information or answers to questions and other types of events in the direction of making very pleasant “customer experiences” in a museum rather than during specific events.



SanitàThe use of RFID technologies in public and private healthcare can bring great benefits especially in the hospital setting, from the tracking and tracing of patients to the operating room and maternity wards, to the traceability of transfusion equipment. Through the use of RFID bracelets as well as identity badges for babies and patients, RFID tags can elevate levels of control, ensuring a discreet and non-invasive means, because the patient is recognized automatically by the system with no need to wake or physically move them. The traceability of the patient with RFID proves to be a simple solution to handle and quick to implement because in addition to requiring no wiring or expensive facilities, allows you to effectively safeguard its patients, especially children. RFID is also used for asset management, allowing you to know the exact location of all medical equipment and easier management activities of maintenance and inventory.


Contact us to find out what solutions we have created for other industrial sectors involved from possible applications of RFID. For example in the world of tires we have constructed RFID tags integrated into compound race tires. Or we could show you how our tags are used with low environmental impact in the world of environmental services and recycling. Or our solutions for tagging containers of perfumes.