Fresh air at Smart Res: the newest products of Induco family are now available!

Easy to be identified thanks to the front two code letters LB before the 6 numeric digits of the product code, the Induco products adopt the copper micro wire antenna coupled with an inductive loop holding the UHF RFID IC. This Loop + Antenna set up makes this new family of products, in form of label or inlay, much more flat and thin compared to the classic Smart res products, granting excellent printability and unmatched reading and writing performances. On top they were designed to get the latests IC chip generation such as Impinj Monza R6 and R6P, and NXP UCode 8.

Available with front face in paper or plastic material, Induco products are the ideal solution for new projects and for the update of running ones, always helped by the application support by Smart Res.

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On top, if you need fixed or handheld readers, printers and hardware in general, we are ready.