ATID and Smart Res together to serve the IoT market at best

The Korean company ATID and Smartres have signed an agreement for the distribution and after sales service in Italy, Switzerland and Greece of RFID Personal Digital Assistant Devices (PDA). The agreement is effective as of April 2017.
“ATID wants to enhance its presence in the Italian market where is selling its products from many years, through the strong cooperation with Smartres, which is taking care of after sales service as well”, tells Eduardo Silva, ATID’s EMEA Manager. “Smartres is willing to offer a wider service to its partners and customers, giving the opportunity to buy RFID tags as today and handheld readers as well.” adds Lorenzo Castelli, Sales Manager at Smartres.
ATID, is a market leader in the industrial worldwide market by selling its PDA devices. ATID selected Smartres, recognized as strong technical partner in the RFID automatic identification market, to serve all industrial applications adopting or going to adopt UHF 860-920MHz, or HF/NFC 13,56MH tags.
SmartRes,, holding more than ten years experience of designing and selling RFID passive tags, picked up the opportunity to side its UHF and HF/NFC labels and tags with a state of the art PDA portfolio, offering the best options to buy and get serviced on the Italian field.