Ferm RFID solution for the tire industry using Smart Res Vulcan Tags

For long time the world of tires discussed about RFID traceability so that the needs of the industry and the benefits that would result from the adoption of an efficient traceability system – in terms of RFID logistics management of production, monitoring and management warehouse – are now pretty clear.

Many pilot projects have been started, only few have assured efficiency to allow the transition from testing phase to the industrial one. The constant stress which the tags are subjected once installed on the tire, in fact, strongly influence their performance and endurance.

To the solution of this problem has been addressed a collaboration between Ferm and Smart Res who have managed to develop an efficient and sustainable system that is successfully used in various applications in the tire industry. Smart Res Labs researchers were able, in fact, to develop a tag on a rubber substrate in which, through the process of vulcanization, becomes an integral part of the tire itself.

The Ferm solution with Smart Res Vulcan Tags is currently being used successfully for three different applications.

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