The NFC Smart Res Tag for Project “Albo” and the Protection of the “Made in Italy” Brand

All over the world, the “Made in Italy” brand is synonymous with high quality, unique style and traditional craftsmanship. Over time, this excellence has assumed the identity of a real Brand- third in the world after Coca-Cola and Visa- for notoriety.

The brand equity that “Made in Italy” brings with it, enriches the economy of our country, but at the same time poses a threat in terms of reputation, due to the effects that the system has on the production of counterfeit Italian goods.

In order to protect our “Made in Italy” we have integrated project Albo, started in Vietnam – the idea of two young Italian engineers – and featured it in our NFC Smart Res tags.

Through the smart tagging, you will create a certification system recognized worldwide, able to provide real-time information on a brand, product or store. Even the final consumer is part of the system, giveaway will have access to information that ensure the item you are purchasing.

To learn more about the Albo Project, read the article in The Biz Loft.