Smart Res Laboratories Introduces RFID Iron-on Tag Transfers

Through Smart Res production technology, our researchers have succeeded in incorporatingto incorporate the characteristic tag microfilo copper directly into a layer-based glue (hot melt). The result obtained is a tag through which a heat source may be directly transferred onto a large variety of materials (in particular, of those used by the textile industry). The tag, impalpable, thus becomes an integral part of the product. The “discretion” of the tag, together with the inability to remove it without destroying it makes this technology the optimal solution to meet the needs of traceability and brand protection of assets, particularly in the field of fashion.

So far, running RFID technology with the aim of protecting the brand has been a strong technical limitation in the way that RFID tags are applied to cards. This implies that, once the item is sold, you lose any possibility of identification of the product.

The iron-on tag transfers of Smart Res, on the contrary, make it impossible to remove the tag without it being destroyed and allow you to identify the article along its entire life cycle thereby meeting the requirements of brand protection.

The protection the brand, the source of economic activity of a company and its competitive advantage is the prime target for the Marketing Manager. In this sense, technology transfer film of Smart Res allows you to protect the value of the brand, operating in the fight against counterfeiting through a system of effective identification while at the same time not “pushing it on” the end customer.


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