Innovative RFID production

Smart Res is an Italian manufacturer of passive RFID tag (HF / UHF and NFC) in innovative packaging solutions for a wide range of application areas such as fashion industry, public transportation, access control, e-payment, e-passport, animal identification, industry and logistics and more.

Through its own patented inlay-less technology,  Smart Res is able to produce and provide, in addition to standard tags, also customized products, because of the ever increasing demand of ad hoc solutions, in terms of sizes, shapes and materials.

The use of copper wire, contrary to materials used in conventional technologies, polluting and very invasive, makes the Smart Res process very  eco-friendly. This aspect is even more relevant if you think that the use of tags is spreading rapidly in many areas and applications for everyday use.

With over 8 years in the RFID market, Smart Res is the ideal partner for your RFID solutions.

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ISO 9000-2018

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